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PPHI established in 2012, is a platform to synergizes stakeholders in the Indonesia Halal Tourism Industry :  Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agents, Shopping Malls, Spas, Tour Guides, Halal Chefs, Halal/Sharia Compliance Auditors, Consultants, Academicians, Media and others, in order to be the core driver and catalyst in the development of the Industry by :

  • Bridging the public and private sectors to develop a sustainable Muslim - Friendly Tourism
  • Advocating tourism policies
  • Adding value to the products & services, as well as continuous improvement to the quality of the offerings

PPHI also play the role as an aggregator by focusing on the aspects of Marketing, Destination, Industry, Institution and Ecosystem Developments to foster strong Integrated Leadership Commitment to transform Indonesia to be the key player in the Global Halal Tourism Industry.

Why Join Us?

Expanding the network of the halal tourism industry

Obtaining the development of halal tourism information

Participate in marketing programs at home and abroad

Participate in promotional programs at home and abroad

Follow the development of human resources